Inspired by the Canadian Flag

Canada has such a beautiful national flag, but let’s face it, it is nearly impossible to draw the perfect maple leaf. When I received my welcome package from the pageant I was overjoyed to see a category dedicated to a costume/gown/outfit inspired by our beautiful flag. The bold colours of red and white spoke to me and I started sketching some ideas down that came to mind. Naturally, I would never be able to create a magnificent piece of wearable Canadian art by myself so I enlisted the skills of a fabulous up and coming Canadian designer Rebecca Rowe to help with this creation.

Given that the nation will be celebrating Canada 150 this weekend, I met with Rebecca this week to discuss ideas and plan out this outfit. Man is this girl talented! She took my idea and ran with it taking such a creative spin on the initial design. I won’t be telling you exactly what we’re planning (going to be keeping that a surprise until the pageant) but I am so excited to see the finished product because I know whatever she does will be amazing. To see more from Rowes fashion, check out her website or Facebook page.

Here are some pictures from past collections of Rowes Fashion that I have modelled in Ottawa.

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